Rita Lavikka


RitaHi everyone! I am Rita Lavikka (neé Södergård). I am married to Kari Lavikka and we have two small boys Arttu and Atte.

At the moment I am working as a researcher and a doctoral student in SimLab which is a research and teaching unit in Aalto University School of Science at the department of Industrial Engineering and Management. I graduated from Aalto University School of Science as a licentiate of science in technology in summer 2010.


As a child I lived in Seutula, Vantaa, Finland. I started my studies in Seutula primary (elementary) school after which I entered the Vantaankoski secondary school (junior high school). After that I went to Ressu high school (senior high) which is located in the heart of Helsinki city.

Working experience

Before SimLab I worked in a small software company Business DataBases Oy in which I acted as a software trainee and worked with Java coding, database managing with PostgreSQL and wrote manuals for ProSales (program for managing customer database). In addition, I have been a material handler in Katriina hospital. Please read my CV to learn more about my working experience.


At the moment my hobbies are limited to cycling, playing with the kids and renovation of an old veteran house as they are called in Finland. In addition, I play bass guitar and bongoes. I used to play handball for eight years in Atlas team. At that time I was an active scout leader in Kartanopartio troop. I also played acoustic guitar and did show dance.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to write me rita.lavikka(at)aalto.fi.